1. When you call to schedule your appointment, please tell the receptionist why you need to be seen (i.e. physical for work or school, annual physical, fever, injury, chest pain, follow-up, etc). If you have a medical emergency, tell the receptionist right away! Also tell us if you have several medical problems for which you want the doctor to check, so we can schedule your appointment appropriately. Based on your reason(s) for appt, the front staff decides how much time for appt.

2. If you are requesting your annual physical, clearly tell the receptionist when you call for an appointment. We schedule more time for physicals. We encourage patients to have an annual physical so that medications, diet, lifestyle, family, and past history can be reviewed to help promote good health and prevent illness.

3. Record the date and time of your appointment on your calendar. If a time conflict arises and you cannot keep your appointment, call 24 hours in advance. If you arrive late, your doctor may ask that you reschedule your appointment b/c your doctor is now seeing other scheduled patients.

4. NEW patients are requested to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork. We must enter your patient information and verify your insurance before your medical provider can examine you. It is very helpful if you can fax, mail or bring a copy of your insurance cards to our office at least one day before your scheduled visit so we can enter the information prior to your appointment.

5. When you check in at the front desk, please let us know if there is any change in your address, phone number, insurance company, etc. Reporting these changes NOW will help to prevent insurance billing problems later for you. Whenever your insurance changes in the future, always immediately make copy of both sides of ins card & fax/mail/bring this information to our office.

6. Once you are in the exam room with our medical assistant, she will ask you for the reason for your visit and if you had any lab work drawn before you came in. Repeat your reason(s) to her.

7. If you have several medical problems, it may not be possible to take care of all of them during this appointment, esp if you did not inform front staff. Please tell the provider about your priority medical problem so we can take care of it today. We will schedule another appointment for your other concerns. Don’t wait until your exam is finished to bring up any other significant problem.

8. Bring ALL your medications with you to your appointment, including over-the-counter meds, vitamins, and herbal remedies. Tell us about any allergies or past drug reactions. It is important that we know exactly what medications you are taking, when you are taking them, how often, etc so we do not prescribe something which has any contra-indications with your other medications. Remember our refill policy at FHCM is 72 hour notice. Do not wait until you have no medicine!

9. Be knowledgeable about your medical history. Take the time to write out your family medical history. Bring this history to your medical appointments. Keep a copy of your current prescription medications (incl name/dosage) plus all known drug allergies with you at all times (purse/billfold).

10. Be knowledgeable about your insurance benefits and what is covered under your policy. Explain to our staff any concerns you have about the coverage of certain tests prior to the completion of the test. Know if your insurance requires prior approval/authorization before tests.

11. Be prepared to talk specifically about the reason for your office visit. Write out your questions and concerns. If you are clear and concise in communicating the history and symptoms of your problem, our staff will be better able to serve you. Thanks for preparing for your appt 

12. If you have any questions about your medical care, ask TODAY during your appt. Always ask if you do not understand: your new medications, your results, your diagnosis, your treatment, etc